Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fare Hikes For LA City Buses

Los Angeles - Fare hikes on the city's DASH and Commuter Express buses will go into effect July 1, the Department of Transportation announced today.

The changes are the second in a two-phase increase approved by the city in 2010 to help cover budget shortfalls.

Effective July 1, DASH bus fares will jump from 35 cents to 50 cents, and Commuter Express fares will rise 15 percent.

DASH fares will be 25 cents for seniors and the disabled.

The DASH bus lines take about 28 million boarders across downtown and 27 other neighborhoods each year.

The department estimates about 2 million people annually board its 13 Commuter Express routes, which allow passengers to commute to metropolitan Los Angeles from far corners of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, the South Bay and the Westside.

Prior to raising the fares in 2010, LADOT had never raised DASH fares, and it had been a decade since the department raised fares for Commuter Express routes.

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