Monday, June 6, 2011

Live TV coming to Xbox

LOS ANGELES--Microsoft said this morning at its E3 Xbox press conference here that Xbox is going to have Live TV starting this fall.

Mark Whitten announced the service briefly but with few details. He said more content partners would be added later.

Xbox Live is also getting a few more features to beef up the entertainment experience. The service is going to get YouTube, Bing for search, and voice control to control all of it.

You'll be able to use Bing to find more content to watch, by searching the Web, YouTube, Live TV, and all the services on Xbox Live, including existing ones like Netflix and HuluPlus. And voice control will let you speak your search item, such as the name of a movie, TV show, or game.

That means less time fiddling around with a controller. "You no longer have to navigate through the menus to find content," said Mark Whitten, head of Xbox Live.

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