Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brooke Shields speaks at Princeton

Brooke Shields recently told new graduates of Princeton University, her alma mater, that she would have "never survived" a return to the entertainment industry had it not been for her college experience and joked that the Class of 2011 is made up of "a bunch of tools."

The actress, who turned 46 on Tuesday, May 31, spoke at the school's annual Class Day the day before.  She graduated with honors from Princeton in 1987 and majored in Romance languages and literatures.

Shields said: "I say this in the most respectful way - you are all a bunch of tools. Yes, Brooke Shields is calling the entire class of 2011 a bunch of tools because you are tools that we need. Tools that we need to fix this country. Go out and be bankers, be politicians, scientists, artists, thinkers - but, you need to choose what kind of tool you want to be."


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