Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rolling Stone publisher not a fan of digital magazine subscriptions

Rolling Stone Publisher Jann Wenner: Gung-ho for print magazines. Not so much for publications on Apple’s iPad.

His company, Wenner Media, publishes Rolling Stone, Us Weekly and Men’s Journal. Last year he organized an ad campaign touting the “power of print.”

The concept of digital magazines on tablet devices will take decades -- “maybe two generations” -- to really take off, he told Advertising Age in a very opinionated interview aboard his private jet.
Other publishers who are rushing to offer subscriptions to their magazines via iPad are making “a mistake,” "The tablet is "a small additive; it’s not the new business.”

Wenner said he planned to offer Rolling Stone to paid subscribers free on the Web or the iPad.
“As long as people want the magazine product we'll deliver it,” he said.


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