Saturday, May 28, 2011

Malibu Housewives Audition for Reality Show Pilot

Producers say the program, which has not been sold to a network yet, would help local businesses in Malibu but a city leader says she fears it may not portray the town in a flattering light.

Reality star hopefuls lined up at Charlie’s restaurant Friday for on-camera auditions with David Katz, who is producing a Real Housewives of Malibu pilot that has some people excited and others fearing the town's image could be harmed.

"A reality show about Malibu is long overdue and I think it would be great for our business," said Charlie DiLorenzo, owner of Charlie's and a longtime Malibu resident.

When asked if the show would be part of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise, Katz said the pilot for the show has not been sold and is in the preproduction/casting phase. But he said he is confident it would find a home.

But not everybody is excited about the prospect of a reality show about Malibu housewives.

"I really hope the show doesn't happen," Mayor Pro Tem Laura Zahn Rosenthal said in an interview earlier this week. "These shows don't portray women in a good light and they tend to bring out the worst in people."

The show would be a huge long-term revenue booster for Malibu.

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