Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lakers Hire New Coach And Don't Care What Kobe Has To Say

Even after getting swept, the Lakers are in the front page of the news again. Their coach, Phil Jackson has retired (we would too if we got whooped to death by the Mavs, we retire too) so the Lake show had to look for someone new.

Their choice? Mike Brown, LeBron’s former coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is the controversial pick.

People were expecting either Brian Shaw or Rick Adelman, so Mike is a left-field choice. In fact, Kobe wanted Brian Shaw, but the Lakers didn’t seem to care. Sports Illustrated reported that Kobe was “surprised” by the choice and hasn’t offered a comment yet. That’s not quite a good sign.

Furthermore, Jerry Buss and the Lakers front desk said that they don’t think players should be involved in decisions like choosing a coach. That includes even the great Kobe Bryant.

Sounds like there may be some lack of communication in the Lakers organization. They better get it together before they get handled like they did this season.

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  1. I think the media is hoping for a Kobe Bitch Fit but I think he'll be cool after he and Mike establish dominance. Some Laker fans don't like this hire and I have to ask, who's a better fit? Rick Adelman who's never taken a team to the NBA finals or Brian Shaw, who has ZERO experince. I can't wait to see what Brown can do!