Monday, July 18, 2011

Rachel Uchitel threatens to sue Gloria

TMZ is reporting ... Rachel Uchitel has given Tiger Woods back most of the settlement money he paid her ... and now Rachel is preparing to sue Gloria Allred, the lawyer who struck the deal, allegedly because Gloria sold her out for money.

Several months ago Tiger's lawyer, Jay Lavely, contacted Gloria and said they were going after Rachel because they believed she violated the confidentiality agreement by allegedly speaking with TMZ and going on "Celebrity Rehab" to treat her "addiction to love" -- though she never talked specifically about Tiger.

Rachel felt she did not violate the agreement, but Gloria allegedly convinced her she would lose, so Gloria struck a deal with Lavely -- that Rachel would return the lion's share of the settlement money.

Rachel believes Gloria sold her out and made a deal with Jay Lavely to still get all of her attorney's fees and to strong-arm Rachel into giving the money back in return she would go along with the deal, but as time went on she felt wronged and has hired a malpractice lawyer who has made a demand on Gloria to either pay Rachel what she gave back or get sued.

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