Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charlie Sheen Arbitrator Denies Gag Order

THR -- Charlie Sheen’s legal battle over his firing from Two and a Half Men might end up a little more public than Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre would have liked.

The arbitrator overseeing the $100 million legal proceeding between Sheen, Men co-creator Lorre and Warners has denied a request for a broad gag order in the case.

The media still won’t be invited, and confidential details relating to facts deemed “sensitive and proprietary” will remain private, but the parties and the lawyers will be free to discuss the case with the press.

The arbitration now moves to the discovery phase, with all sides collecting docs and deposition testimony to help prove their cases. Sheen says Warners and Lorre conspired to unlawfully terminate him after he criticized Lorre in the press. Warners and Lorre, argue that Sheen was unfit to perform.

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