Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MJ Tribute Concert Wants Peace With Fans

The organizers for the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert want to make peace with the fans who say the concert is "doomed to fail" and have sworn to boycott the event ... by inviting them all to join in on a conference call to air out their grievances.

They're inviting the leaders of several prominent fan groups to join them Wednesday for "an informative call to address some of the misinformation about the upcoming Michael Forever tribute."

Michael Jackson fan groups world wide banded together in anger -- after Jermaine and Randy Jackson claimed it would be "inappropriate" to support a concert "during the criminal trial surrounding Michael's death" -- the confusion of which charity groups are involved and the insensitive choice of a now uninvited artist.

Organizers are hoping the call will put "rumors and incorrect information to rest."


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