Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mystery Note Found With Jani Lane

Jani Lane was carrying a note in his pocket on the day he died which read, "I am Jani Lane" ... but Jani did not write the note. Jani had no official ID on him when his body was discovered at a Woodland Hills Comfort Inn on August 11.

The note contained a phone number for a person close to Jani -- and police contacted that person after Jani's body was discovered.

Police have confirmed the note was written by one of Jani's friends -- and that person had placed a similar note on Jani in the past.

However, the note has infuriated members of Jani's family -- who say whoever had written the note was aware of Jani's substance abuse problem and should have helped him seek treatment. It's unclear if the same person who wrote the note also checked Jani into the Comfort Inn -- but sources say it appears the room was not purchased by Jani himself.

There is no criminal investigation into the death -- investigators believe Jani's death was either accidental or due to natural causes. An autopsy has been completed -- and results from the toxicology tests are expected soon.


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