Friday, August 26, 2011

Jim Carrey's Emma Stone Video Crashes Website

THR -- Jim Carrey's bizarre tribute to Emma Stone -- in which he proclaimed he'd like to have babies with her -- was streamed so many times it crashed his website.

"#goodmornoonevening world. so much traffic on that the site has crashed temporarily. Back up soon. ?;^\" Tweeted Carrey on Thursday.

Shortly after, he added, www.jimcarreytrulife is back up! you may once again feast upon my #Boing! ?;^>

Carrey also explained his message to The Help actress: "Yes, my msg to Emma Stone was a comedy routine and the funniest part is that everything i said is tru.

He further confused matters by adding: "People often ask me if i'm being funny or serious. The answer is "YES". ?;^]"

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