Monday, August 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen rescue of ex-wife from rehab in Mexico

Charlie Sheen has staged a dramatic intervention in an attempt to help ex wife Brooke Mueller get clean.

Brooke, 33, had tried twice to leave the States to go on a controversial 'extreme' rehab in Mexico, and apparently, made it on the third attempt.

But 45-year-old Sheen was worried that the radical regime, which was to use drugs not even licenced in the U.S., could kill her - and flew in his private jet to rescue her.

TMZ reports that the former Two And A Half Men star has decided he'd rather have Brooke Mueller go through the same treatments he recently underwent so he's brought her back to put her into rehab in America and he's paying.

The star apparently flew down to Mexico in a private jet, picked her up, and brought her back to to the States after she'd only been south of the border for 12 hours.

Sheen has brought on board a team of expert doctors and Brooke has been installed at a secret location and he's paying for the whole thing.

Mueller has been through rehabilitation programs several times over the years and her struggle with sobriety was documented in Hilton's reality TV show, The World According To Paris.

Earlier this month the former actress was photographed carrying what appeared to be a make-shift crack pipe.

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