Monday, August 1, 2011

Scientology Claims: 'Inside Scientology' Inaccuracies

The Church of Scientology says the book “Inside Scientology” is little more than gossip-mongering and has accused author Janet Reitman of shoddy journalism.

“Ms. Reitman’s book is filled with inaccuracies,” the Church wrote in a seven-page letter to TheWrap. “It is neither scholarly nor well-researched and bears no resemblance to an ‘inside’ story.”

The church claims that Reitman, a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, never interviewed, nor requested interviews, with Scientology officials and instead relied on former parishioners who are disgruntled and members of Anonymous, the internet activist group that the church labels a cyberterrorist organization with an ax to grind against the religion.

In a statement, Reitman wrote, “I stand by my sources and by my reporting.”

Reitman previously told TheWrap that she spoke to numerous church higher-ups and members, and visited facilities, while she was researching the magazine article that eventually became the basis of her book.

The church said the book only gets a handful of facts correct -- such as the church’s relief efforts in Haiti and New Orleans, work refurbishing old buildings, and the role that chairman David Miscavige has played in advancing Scientology creator L.

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